David Livingstone Ministries is based in the state of Andhra Pradesh in a city called Eluru. This state is known as the "rice bowl" of India and located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Its people speak predominantly Telugu. Over 89% of this state is Hindus and it is well known for its many temples and pilgrimage sites. Eluru is the district headquarters of West Godavari; however we are reaching the state of Andhra Pradesh. With over 70% of India's population living in 550,000 villages that stretch across the subcontinent and outlying islands, David Livingstone Ministries call to "Reach the unreached and needy by the Word and Deed" is mandatory.

  • Literacy: 36%
  • 80% Live in 600,000 villages, there are 3,000 casts sub-caste and tribal people Groups
  • 330 million gods are worshiped
  • There are 1,942 recognized language groups without God's Written Words
  • Hindus: 85%
  • Muslims" 12%
  • Christians: 3%
  • 50% of the people have never heard the name of Jesus.
  • 500,000 Villages have no Gospel workers (or) the Church
  • 75,000 People die each day eternally separated from Jesus Christ

As a Family taking the Gospel where there is a need And Jesus, when He came out, saw many people and was moved with compassion toward them...and He began to teach them many things - Mark 6:34

In the Great Commission in Matt 28:19-20 :'Go ye therefore, and teach all nation's,There are marching orders to r each the un-reached with the Gospel of Jesus in India. Preaching in India is not simple. It is the land which produced from Buddha in 6th Century B.C. to Gandhi in the past. In a land where man is after God for thousands of years, the Good News that God is after man is to be preached; and, hence, specialization in preaching is required.

    Ministries of David Livingstone Ministries is

  • Preaching the Gospel of Christ
  • Raising Orphan, Poor and Needy Children
  • Caring for the Elderly, Widows & Destitute
  • Planting and Supporting Churches
  • Supporting and Training Pastors
  • Reaching Unreached Peoples
  • Conducting Village Crusades
  • Training Youth for Ministry

We are excited to share with you about our ministry in the pages that follow and pray that God will also place a burden on your heart to help us take the message of the Gospel to the people of India through the Word and Deed. We are praying to go great things for God in India.Please pray and ask the Lord where you should invest your time and finances. I know that if you are visiting this site, God may have something for you to do for Him. God bless you and I look forward to partnering with you in His great work. Your generous gift helps us to reach the unreached and needy by the Word and Deed! Please sow a generous seed-gift in to fertile soil of this ministry today.