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Orphan care

David Livingstone Children's Home (DL Stone Children's Home):


  • 18 million children estimated living on the streets in India
  • Rat bites, Malaria and starvation are everyday hazards
  • Children need food, medical help, shelter and education

God laid a great desire and burden in my heart to care the orphan, poor and needy children in India. While I was studying the college, I was greatly touched by seeing the orphan and needy kids walking on the streets with no food and bare footed, he saw some children sleeping on the roads, bus stations, and railway stations and in public places with no shelter even no blanket and no mom or dad. Many of the children have horrific stories to tell as to how they were forced to beg on the streets because their parents could no longer afford to feed them. They had no future ahead of them except an early death from disease, beatings or starvation. My heart was deeply touched to help such a kids. But I did not have the financial support to help them. God shaped my vision and helped me to start the David Livingstone Children Home to provide food, shelter and education for the orphans, poor and needy children in India.

I felt that God calling me to open the orphanage to take care of the children. I have prayed for the provision to start the orphanage, then I have received a gift of money (7000 rupees) from my grandmother (she is prophetess) saying that God spoke to her to send that money to grandson. I have prayed for it and led by God to invest that money to start the orphanage with the Lord's given vision and mission. Then I have hired the mud house and bought some food and started the David Livingstone Children Home in India on August 15th (Independence Day in India) in the year 2007 with 7 beautiful kids, with the aim of raising the orphans, poor and needy children with the Word and deed. Not knowing where I'd get the money to raise the children for the rest of the period but I took them in. We look unto God to supply the needs in the ministry. Sometimes we do not have money that we cancel non-vegetarian food and clothing to cut down on expenses. We have learned to adjust with whatever we have - to feed, clothe, and educate the children. Praise and thank God for His vision, it continues today by taking care of 22 children in David Livingstone Children's Home in India.

Most of the children do not have either mother, father or neither of them. They are taken into the Children Home irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. They seem to be lonely upon their arrival to the home, but they feel homely and loved once they are among the children in the home. I do appreciate your consistent partnership to raise them by word and deed. I'd like to see them come up in life with Bible-based values as well as academics. I would be delighted for you to visit us in India to see the ministries you've been a part of. I am very happy that I could play a little part to raise the orphan, poor, and needy children in India and help them come up in life. We teach Bible-based values that will guide them in every aspect of their lives. I can do this service only because of generous people like you, who contribute to our Children Home. I always teach them that they should help their surviving family and help other kids when they are grown and settled in life and career.

Daily activities of the children:

The children wake up at five o' clock in the morning and go for devotion which lasts for half an hour. They have a study hour from six to eight o'clock and they have their breakfast after finishing their bath. The school starts at 9.30 AM for the morning session and ends at 12.30PM for lunch. They have break for one hour and again the afternoon session starts at 1.30 PM and ends at 4PM. From 4PM to 6PM they play games and sports. They have study hour from 6PM to 8PM. From 8 to 8.30 they have devotion. 8.30 to 9 they have night dinner. This is the usual schedule on week days. On Sundays they attend Sunday school classes at the church.


We need sponsors for the orphan children in our orphanage. What a privilege we have to care for and share our love to these kids! It costs 3,000 rupees per month which provides child's food, shelter (house rent and electricity), school supplies and basic needs like soaps, shampoos etc. These can be paid once a year or quarterly or six or monthly, as per your preferences. You can sponsor a child individually or in a group along with the family or friends. Your sponsorship can really make a huge difference and change these children's lives for the better. As a sponsor you will become the special friend to an orphan and needy child in India and your child will know your name and pray for you every day. We will update the child's progress once in a three months and you can stay in touch with the child by writing letter and You also have the opportunity to visit your child. The child and all the kids will pray for the Sponsor and family continuously. It is our prayer that both the sponsor and the sponsored child will eternally benefit from the sponsorship relationship. The children waiting are to be sponsored.


We are looking to purchase a building for the orphanage to provide a permanent shelter for orphans and needy children; we need your help to do it. Now 22 kids are in the orphanage and we are taking care of these children in a rented building. The owner gave the building for rent with many rules and regulations for the orphan kids. We have agreed all the building owner agreements but praise God for the owner gave the building for the orphans to run orphanage, many house owners in India not willing/interesting to give their homes rent for the orphans and poor kids because of their physical appearance, social and economic status.

Will you help us by purchasing the building to provide a permanent place and shelter for the orphan children? It really is a privilege to be able to impart something into this project that will provide a hope and care for the orphans and needy children in our region until the Lord's return. We are inviting you to sow in good ground to bring hope for the orphans and needy children in India. No amount is too small and too great, pray and see how the Lord will use you in this life changing work in India.

Cost of the building with water facility including registration cost is40, 00,000 rupees in Indian currency.

Future goals for the Orphanage:

Establish a school for the children to educate the orphan and poor children. David Livingstone Ministries continues to gather unwanted and rejected children off the streets of India.Please pray about your involvement and do what God tells you to do. If you are led by the Lord to be a partner in this ministry by sponsoring a child or to donate for the land, you may contact us at the email address below for more information. If you would like to help us to buy the permanent place to provide shelter for orphans, needy and destitute, please make a one-time general or monthly donation. God tells us His heart is to take care of the fatherless. Won't you help us build a life for these precious one by being the hands God uses to shelter these orphans?

Give and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. (Luke 6:38) Your generous Sponsorship will help us to share Christ's love,with orphan, poor and needy children in orphanage. Millions of children across the world are living in abject poverty, without access to education, food, or clean water. Many are malnourished, diseased, and are forced to work just to support their families. David Livingstone Children's Home is providing the opportunity for the orphan, poor and needy children to attend school, receive nutritional meals, and learn valuable life skills.


Sponsoring a child is an exciting and rewarding partnership between you and your sponsored child. The knowledge that you are providing food for your child, an education to give them hope for the future and the opportunity to grow in a caring environment is reward enough, but for your sponsored child it is more than this - it is that someone cares about them