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About Rev David Livingstone!

I was born in a pastor's family on August 12th of 1984, so they brought up me with the teachings of Jesus Christ. I have done post graduation (M.Sc) in Bio-technology and holds Theological Masters (M.Div) in ACTS Theological College in Bangalore. I ministers in various places around Andhra Pradesh, India. My father is a converted Christian from a predominant Hindu family; he has no children for 7 years. He prayed with fasting for one week and made this vow 'if God gave boy child, I will dedicate him to do the Lord's ministry'. God granted me by answering his prayer; at that time my father is reading the auto biography of David Livingstone, a missionary to Africa. God told to my father -'name your son as David Livingstone', then my father named me as David Livingstone and dedicated me for the Lord's ministry. But my desire was to study, earn money and to have a bright future and support the orphans,needy children in India, I decided that I wouldn't carry on with the ministry with my parents. I had no desire to even think or dream about serving God in my life. My parents were always insisting that they had dedicated me to ministry, but I would often tell them that I would rather do the lowest, meager job on earth than serving God...

All my plans and dreams were in direct contrast to the plans of God in my life. However, God totally changed my life and I decided to serve God, at any cost. God called me to the ministry in June, 2005 as it says in Matthew 28:18, 19 & 20 to do HIS work. On July 28th of 2007, God spoke to me and gave me a vision to start David Livingstone Ministries as it says in 1 John 3:18 to reach the unreached and needy by the Word and Deed.

I married Rachel, a godly Christian woman on March 18th in the year of 2009. She done master in Chemistry and Bachelor in Law (LLB) and working as advocate. She has done masters in Chemistry. She supported my call and vision, helping me to take care of the orphan and needy children in India by actively involving with me in the ministry.She also assists me in pastoring at the church. We both were ordained through the Church of God. God blessed us with two children, one daughter, Hannah Priyanka (13 years) and with one son, Samuel Peter Joshua (10 years). We need your prayers, support and encouragement in the ministry to reach the unreached and needy by the Word and Deed. May God bless you today and always for being a friend and vital part of the David Livingstone Ministries!

Please pray and ask the Lord where you should invest your time and finances. I know that if you are visiting this site, God may have something for you to do for Him. God bless you and I look forward to partnering with you in His great work.