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David Livingstone Ministries is started with a vision to reach the unreached people and areas with the Word - gospel, with about 25 pastors and evangelists spread all over the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Gospel Crusades: The season from January through May being dry gives us a great opportunity to do public meetings in our state. We still have an open door in spite of opposition in some areas. Thank God for the privilege of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached people and communities in our region. The Gospel is the Divine Dunamis changing men and women to bring them into right relationship with God. It is gratifying to see God's family grow in numbers.

We concentrate reaching the unreached high caste Hindus. High Caste gives high social status in the society but they could be just as poor as others. Once a church is planted they really need a place of their own for worship. The local churches are not able to raise enough money for the lots and buildings. My heart has been heavy for this need since it is a growing need. I really need your prayers and support for church lots and buildings. A church lot, about 270 square yards, may be sponsored for 25, 00,000rupees and a church building, about 75 - 120. The churches are growing spiritually as well as numerically. We rejoice in HIM as God's Kingdom is advancing. Eternity awaits the millions of Indians who haven't heard the Gospel. We would be honored and excited if you would consider partnering with David Livingstone Ministries for the entire cost or a portion, to build churches in India.

Sponsor a Pastor or Evangelist:

David Livingstone Ministries is leading efforts to sponsor pastors and evangelists working in remote regions of India. The people of their churches are poor and are unable to support the pastors and their families at the level they need to be able to take care of their families and the needy people in their areas. Also, these pastors are facing persecution from people in their areas who are opposed to the Christian faith. These pastors are all in full-time ministry so they need the support of their brothers and sisters in other parts of the world to be able to continue in the good works God has for them.

For just 5,000rupees a month, you can provide an Indian pastor and evangelist enabling him to devote their time to ministry. Because these pastors and evangelist doing outreach in the desolate, poverty stricken areas of Andhra Pradesh, India, it's difficult for them to obtain work and support their families. Their commitment to the Gospel means that many employers shun them.. in this predominantly Hindu country. Christians are treated as outcastes. We will provide updates on the pastor or evangelist once you start to support. A pastor or evangelist monthly support is 5000 rupees.

Please pray and ask the Lord where you should invest your time and finances. I know that if you are visiting this site, God may have something for you to do for Him. God bless you and I look forward to partnering with you in His great work.


Pastors/Evangelists are working in the fields of evangelism in different places of Andhra Pradesh and reaching the villages on travel by foot for several miles to attend the Gospel outreaches, meetings and services. They walk between villages to minister to the various tribal villages several times a week. In fact, they walk wherever they go since there is absolutely no other way available for them to migrate from one place to another. At present they are traveling by foot to carry the Gospel to villages who have never heard the name of Jesus. Yes! There still are people who have never heard! The cost of one bicycle is 4,500 Rupees.

In fact they are all desperately in need, please pray over this project. I believe that the Lord will provide the bicycles for them, bless them and to encourage them in their work as Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. It would be an honor to make this dream a reality for the pastors. We are praying for this need from several years and looking forward for His help. Please pray with us.

If anyone would love to support a bicycle to a pastor, we make sure the bicycle they supported is delivered with a personalized gift tag like the sample tag beside from them with their name on it. Be sure to tell us the name of the donor and family to written on gift tag.


Beloved as the Lord opened the doors for the Salvation of souls in India, many are coming to Christ. In fact this is the Harvest time in India. We need more and more Missionaries/ Pastors/ Evangelists and much Evangelistic work to be done. By God's grace the preaching of the Gospel in these parts of India is lightly softened. But Satan is not happy and causing many obstructions. Famine and poverty is some of the things that hindering the people of India to come to Christ. Superstitions and wrong teachings also added to them.

In this period of grace as the Lord touched the hearts of Indian people, now India needs more Missionaries, Pastors, Evangelists and Finances. The main drawback for Evangelism in India is insufficient funds and wrong teachings.

The Bible classes for Pastors and Evangelists, is a never-ending story in India. We need more and more Bible Classes. So kindly pray Father to send more teams to us to educate our thirsty Pastors in scriptures. As our motto is to save souls, we have been very busily engaged in Evangelistic and Charity work, showing the love of Jesus by the Word and Deed.

As India is a third world country with large population, very often we have to work as Good Samaritan and for that we have to have at least two Deaneries. Kindly pray for finances to support our work. The ministry is fast progressing, reaching the unreached and needy who never heard about Christ by the Word and Deed. Please pray and visit our ministry in India and enlighten our people/ Pastors and Churches with the Gospel preaching and teachings for the Kingdom of God.