"My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth." 1 John 3:18
  • To bring 5 million souls to Christ.
  • To raise prayer partners in every country.
  • To reach the unreached villages for Jesus and pioneer the Churches.
  • To bring the neglected children and the orphans who are the next generation and provide shelter, food and education and make them as good stewards.
  • To establish 10 bible colleges to equip the native people to send them to the unreached places to preach the good news of Jesus.
  • To reach 5000 unreached villages.
  • To construct 1000 permanent church buildings in India.
  • To provide safe drinking water in every village where the people are suffering with drinking water.
  • To provide the necessary tools like bicycles, drums, P.A. and Lights to 1000 Pastors.
  • To buy Jeeps and send the Film, Drama and outreach teams to promote the Gospel to the neglected villages.
  • To share the Love of Christ through humanitarian initiatives.
  • To build AIDS & HIV Care Centers and comfort the people with eternal hope before they die.
  • To be self supported in the days to come.
  • To have our own campus for this growing ministry.
  • To conduct Pastors Conferences and Gospel Crusades to lead the people and strengthen the church in as many regions as we can in India.